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What's your business' most valuable resource?

Did you answer, "Time"?

Think about it. As a technical leader of your company, do you have enough time for your operational responsibilities and for keeping up with the latest advances in technology?

Do you have a stack of technology magazines in your inbox threatening to topple?

Do you feel guilty when finally deleting the dozens of email newsletter issues you've not had time to read?

Then is for you.

is a new subscription advisory service designed to keep you up to date on rapidly changing technology. We cover emerging technologies like the Internet, wireless, peer-to-peer computing, nanotechnology, and software security and keep you up to date without the guilt, and without the magazine stack.

So sweep the newspapers, magazines, and newsletters into the trash. Burn Your Inbox! is all you need to keep informed.

The service is tailored to your industry and your individual information needs. You create an Information Profile detailing your information needs, and we customize our offerings to meet your needs. Find out more about our three subscription levels


Interested? Drop us a line at support@CTOMentor.com and Burn Your Inbox™.

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