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4-hour emerging technology briefings During this briefing for you and your staff, CTOMentor will provide valuable information on the most important emerging technology trends that could affect your business. Briefings are customized for your industry and your individual information needs as well as covering broader technology trends.

Weekly Just the Right Stuff™ newsletter All three subscription levels include a weekly email newsletter containing summaries and links to the top ten articles you must read each week to stay current. Like all CTOMentor services, this newsletter is customized to your information needs. Once you subscribe to CTOMentor, you fill out an extensive information profile to identify the technologies you are most concerned with following. CTOMentor will either subscribe to the free publications or email newsletters you receive or will help you set up an automatic email forwarding service for any paid services delivered via email. CTOMentor mines these sources for infonuggets, relieving you of the burden of trying to keep up with the mountains of information that swamps your inboxes. Here are some of the sources we use to keep you current. And here is a sample newsletter (PDF format).

Access to research In preparing white papers and newsletters, CTOMentor amasses a large volume of links and Web site excerpts which we make available to Platinum and Gold members in a searchable online archive. See a sample.

white papers CTOMentor white papers provides insightful, comprehensive information and recommendations on timely emerging technology topics. Platinum members get all CTOMentor white papers for free. Gold members receive a 50 percent discount for any white papers that carry a cost.

Pre-publication access to white papers Get the latest information and advice as early as possible. Avoid the production and distribution delays and receive CTOMentor white papers as soon as they are completed.

Alerts CTOMentor provides periodic commentary on breaking news of interest by means of a Web log and email flashes.

Telephone consultation If you’ve got a hot issue and need advice, you can call CTOMentor. Platinum members get four hours of phone time, and Gold members get two hours.

Subscription to the StratVantage News Summary All subscribers also get this free newsletter, which summarizes the significant, the unusual, the outrageous, and the trend-defining emerging technology news. See samples.

Access to weekly ranking of the StratVantage TrendSpot The StratVantage TrendSpot ranks the top emerging technology trends. Silver members and the public can access monthly rankings. Platinum and Gold members can keep on top of hot trends by accessing weekly rankings. See sample.

Preferred consulting rates for custom projects CTOMentor can help your organization with projects such as strategy formulation, white papers, and email newsletters. Platinum members get a 10 percent discount, and Gold members get a 5 percent discount on CTOMentor’s consulting rates. Other discounts are available for volume pre-purchase or retainer arrangements.


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